Daypack Black

When having small kids in tow, you often need to carry around a lot of stuff. And then sometimes not that much. The IN THE POCKET BABY®DAYPACK will help you organize your baby’s things in a flexible way; for the day trip downtown, as well as the long haul flight.

The Daypack concept consists of a Nursing Kit (with Changing mat), a Meal Pouch and a Clothing Pouch, all easy to bring in any bag.

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Daypack Black

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Product Information

  • Weight: 212 g (7.48oz)
  • Material: Rip- and wear-resistant fabric, 100% Polyester. Lining in PEVA.
  • Daypack including all of its parts (but excluding diapers, food, etc): 17cm * 23,5cm * 2cm (6,7 * 9.2 * 0.78 inches)

  • Clothing pouch: 22cm * 20cm (0.86 * 0.79 inches)

  • Meal pouch: 24cm * 22cm (9.45 * 0.86 inches)

  • Changing mat: 58cm * 39cm (22.8 * 15.3 inches)