In the pocket baby

It’s Smart, It’s Simple, It’s In the Pocket

IN THE POCKET BABY® is a creative brand with innovative and functional baby accessories for the family on the go, designed in Sweden. The mission is to provide parents with smart solutions that make everyday, active life with children easier and more fun.

Most In The Pocket Baby products have a storage pouch that is stylishly integrated with the product itself. Handy, because that way you can’t lose that beautiful case! More information about In The Pocket Baby can be found on the website:



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Baby carrier

Every baby carrier is on the go, but not every carrier is equally handy. This carrier from In The Pocket Baby is easy and quick to put on and is very easy to carry. Safe and comfortable for mother and child.

Recommended price € 89.95


Are you utdoors and there is no high chair? This high chair from In the Pocket Baby is not only easy to carry, but is also comfortable and safe for your child. You can adjust it so that it fits on almost every seat and is suitable for every child up to two years old. Available in the colors black, green, pink, red and yellow

Recommended price € 39.95


ith this bib you immediately notice that it is of high quality. The collection tray is extra large and is well open. The collar is comfortable for your child and is easy to close and adjust with the help of a good and solid Velcro. The bib is not only excellent for on the road, but also at home.

Recommended price € 15.95


We love good looks and good functionality, which is why this raincoat has a cuff that protects the hands from the rain when, for example, you push the pram or sit on the bike.

Recommended price € 49.95

Day pack

With small children you often need a lot of things and not sum at all. The In The Pocket Baby Day Pack helps you to have everything neatly at hand in a flexible way, whether for a day trip or a flight abroad. The Daypack consists of a nursery bag (with changing mat), a meal cover and a handy bag for clothes.

Recommended price € 29.95

Shopping Bag

Suddenly you have a lot to carry and it would be nice to have an extra bag, but you really don’t want to buy a plastic bag again. This bag from In The Pocket Baby has an integrated storage pouch, which makes it small enough to always have it with you. The bag is designed to be conveniently attached to, for example, the pram. Suitable for washing machine at 30 ° C.

Recommended price € 19.95